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TOPIC: Tobby Vision Computers (TVC) is a vocational institute that inspires and equips young people with the knowledge and tools to be successful in entrepreneurship, agriculture, computers, and information and communication technology (ICT). TVC provides ongoing education support to help social enterprises grow.

PROJECT SUMMARY: TVC recently hosted an Experteer, Jaime Garcia, to help create an entrepreneurship training program called Action Lab. Jaime is a Columbian designer currently living in Japan, who partnered with TVC to lead local business owners through the Action Lab workshop. Training is provided on frameworks that empower local organizations to continue to innovate and create their own opportunities.

RESULTS: With experteers like Jaime, local business owners are provided additional support in high-quality education to help teach tools such as User Journey Mapping, as well as the human-centered design programming framework. Additionally, business owners were shown the empathy map, and taught how to apply it to their own businesses and communities. This map allows business owners to synthesize what they see and decode possible fears and aspirations of those around them – helping them better understand how to serve their community’s needs.