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TOPIC: Jaime Andre Garcia, an experienced Product Designer and a Partner of Meanwhile Associates (a design and strategy consultancy), has always loved helping businesses grow through innovative tactics and putting the needs of communities at the forefront. He partnered with Tobby Vision Computers to facilitate and lead an entrepreneurship workshop called Action Lab, to help local business owners grow their enterprise and reach within their community.

PROJECT SUMMARY: Students and staff members participated in an intense 3-week training workshop in Creative Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Cameroon with Tobby Vision Computers. The workshop focused on learning how to observe, analyze, and evaluate local issues. Participants also created new business model ideas that could be tested and improved on following a model framework. Jaime served as a mentor and coach and helped deliver content around entrepreneurship best practices.

RESULTS: Eight teams of students and staff members developed business models and were able to pitch their ideas to local investors. These models included a financial assistance project to improve financial literacy, a bakery, an updated computer science program, and several agricultural programs. Action Lab entrepreneurs were scored by judges, with Team #2 – who proposed a poultry farming program – emerging as the winner.