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As Tobby Vision Computers (TVC) and ACTLAB continue to provide invaluable training and support to vulnerable communities in Cameroon, they also look back to where they first began. The birth of TVC came in 2002, stemming from the hard work and passion of Cornelius Tfurndabi Tawong. However, Cornelius’ vision for improving the lives of others and being a proud supporter of his community came long before this. 

Cornelius remembers that he sensed he had a calling, as early as in his teen years, to train as a teacher. Growing up in a rural village, he points to the stewardship his Grandparents undertook as being of great influence. He saw how they protected the land and water for the greater good of the community and knew he too wanted to protect vital resources.

Alongside his Grandparents, Cornelius also looked up to his other mentors who were mostly teachers. Undeterred by various hurdles along the way, he soon completed a qualification in computer science and established TVC to fulfil his dream of teaching others. 


As global demands shifted in the early 2000s, Cornelius recognised that Cameroonians would need to increase their computer literacy. In 2002, he founded TVC with the aim of training students in practical ICT skills to improve their lives and those of their families. 

TVC has garnered many awards along the way, including being selected as the most promising model in Technical Vocational Education and Training for the 21st century in Africa and being awarded a trophy and certificate of recognition by the African Union.

Going forward, Cornelius hopes to see the expanding impact of TVC and ACTLAB reach more people across many demographics. His vision for the future includes ACTLAB constructing its own permanent campus and dormitories and training 2,500 students in the next five years. He also hopes to expand their training for others who can’t be onsite to learn in person by developing an e-learning platform.