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As part of ACTLAB’s mission to promote youth entrepreneurship, economic sustainability, and humanitarian services we regularly welcome the support of volunteers from around the globe. Eduardo Díaz of Colombia brought his experiences in engineering to Tobby Vision Computers (TVC) and delivered vital classes on the Techniques of Entrepreneurship. By supporting the program, Eduardo found it to be both professionally and personally fulfilling. Although he was thousands of miles away from his South American home, he soon found similarities between his nation and his Cameroonian counterparts.

Describing Cameroon as “a country of contrasts”, Eduardo noted that the strength of the country lies in the values of its communities. He called on the people of Cameroon to believe in their talents and use these to build a better future for themselves and those around them. 

Eduardo’s observations and teachings align perfectly with the values of ACTLAB. We strive to empower communities to lead by example and nurture their potential to realise a better future for all. Eduardo assisted in developing a new curriculum for an entrepreneurship course and spent time training staff so they are able to continue to teach students in the future.

In his time at TVC, Eduardo instilled not only entrepreneurial knowledge but belief in participants that they have the ability to achieve their business goals. The approach he took matches that of ACTLAB – sustainable development at a grassroots level. Eduardo’s parting advice for Cameroonians was to look inwards. Here they will find all the talent and vision required to build their own future – a future ACTLAB continues to invest in for the betterment of all vulnerable communities.