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NAME: Women for Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

TOPIC: Equal rights and opportunities promotion


DURATION: 1st December 2023 – 15th May 2024

LOCATION: Cameroon

DEADLINE: If you want to apply fill the form before 15th May 2024

We are looking for TBC voluneers: Living in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, motivated 25+ old, interested in promotion of equality, diversion and inclusion for women

Requirements for the volunteers:
Previous experience with projects focused on women’s rights, gender equality
Previous experience with projects in diversity and inclusion
Proven experience in creating educational and training programs to support diversity and inclusion
Proven ability to support the project in many ways – create and promote materials for the campaign, ability to plan and organize event, to communicate effectively to the local community, local and international organizations

THE PROJECT: it’s been a big raising topic for Cameroonian society, and it needs to be given special support and attention. It is about to create and build something with the strong grounds, with the right attitude and in the right direction. The project is aimed to make sure that proper training on diversity, inclusion and equal rights are both given to women and those who are in need, and the right attitude is spread among society and the organizations.

THE MISSION: to promote a vibrant, diverse and inclusive community where every person matters and have the opportunity to shine.