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NAME: Sponsor a Staff & First Serve Life Skills Curriculum Project

TOPIC: Material and Financial Support


DURATION: 1st December 2023 – 15th May 2024

LOCATION: Cameroon

DEADLINE: If you want to apply fill the form before 15th May 2024

We are looking for 25 volunteers: Living in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, motivated between 25+ years old, interested in supporting materials: book donations, office supply and financial support.

Assist our curiosity to offer learning to orphans and vulnerable youths in Bamenda during armed conflict persisting in the two English speaking North West and South regions of Cameroon

Requirements for the volunteers:
Fully committed to ACTLAB’s mission, values, and objectives
Possession of the material support
Able to transport/ship/post material support to Cameroon
Able to wire or transfer financial support to Cameroon.

THE PROJECT: ACTLAB’s First Serve Life Skills Curriculum program “empowers young people by providing local innovation entrepreneurial skills and schools with a life skills program that promotes positive values, healthy habits, and education through physical labs – resulting in real life power, on and off the lab.”
We believe that this program is consistent with the mission and interests of local youth
capacity building, and are hoping for support from international volunteers and
donors. Please feel free to contact actlabfordevelopment@gmail.com for additional
information and details.

THE MISSION: ACTLAB recognizes the importance of information management. As an organization that relies on sharing information with funders, partners, other organizations and community members, ACTLAB wishes to build a multimedia centre that is accessible to community members. ACTLAB is always interested in expanding its life skills curriculum collection & can always make use of office supplies and equipment. If you have computers, laptops, stationery, books or magazines you would like to donate to our multimedia centre please contact us.

The main missions for the volunteer will be:
1. The volunteers will work with the program director
2. All meetings and communications will be done via, whatsapp, skype, zoom and email
3. The volunteers will assemble the material support and ship/transport/post to ACTLAB