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Cameroon is a diverse and beautiful country with a people of limitless potential. At ACTLAB, we recognise that change begins in the community and apply this belief in practice on a daily basis to improve the lives of Cameroonians through our various programs. Our mission is to develop, support, and look after entrepreneurs and build creative economies within local communities while promoting thriving business ecosystems.

Development begins as a seed of an idea. From here it can be nurtured into something much bigger as its roots spread and positively impact the lives of many more. Founded in 2016, ACTLAB has grown exponentially in recent years to be one of 66 entities recommended for special consultative status by the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations with the United Nations Economic and Social Council in 2020. This status reflects our strong interest in contributing to the work of the UN and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Although we are still a young organisation, we have undertaken vital work across a wide range of social and economic areas important to Cameroon. We monitor the phenomenon of the rural exodus that has become a real bane to our community as well as bringing expert volunteers to our organisation to refine our model and approach.

Alongside these achievements, we have also been welcomed into the Microsoft internship program, Interns4Afrika. This initiative provides opportunities for promising African candidates to intern with our organisation while receiving technical and business support from Microsoft.


We also train youths in computer maintenance and repairs, secretarial skills and designing. Some of our graduates have become proprietors of computer typing booths and shops while others gain employment in public service and private establishments like law chambers, computer shops, community-based organizations and NGOs.


Our model promotes the creation of job providing businesses and an ongoing ecosystem of community development. With the support of industry leading businesses and global development allies, we have an expansive and actionable plan for ACTLAB to ensure its continued sustainable and impactful growth in the development field.