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We have always believed that the key to successful development is collaboration, and over the years Tobby Vision Computers (TVC) and Acton Lab for Development (ACTLAB) are proud to have welcomed visiting experts to assist in our mission. Most recently we have taken the exciting step of being welcomed to Microsoft’s internship program – Interns4Afrika.

Interns4Afrika seeks to sustainably foster employability and entrepreneurship in Africa, by providing a scalable way to offer young African talent the opportunity to gain skills and meaningful work experience. As ACTLAB has an equally entrepreneurial and progressive vision we believe that our core values align perfectly for us to further develop our skills in this field as an education provider.

As part of the program, Interns4Afrika will provide ACTLAB, as part of the Microsoft partner population, with access to affordable resources with the latest technology skills to help drive our organisation forward. Furthermore, it allows for scalable program services that can be used to engage other interested organisations, therefore mobilising a broader ecosystem to engage and replicate.

Overall, the program acts to support us in utilising interns from the recruitment stage through to providing an onboarding curriculum for each intern. During this time, the interns will also receive Microsoft training and practical business skills.

The team at ACTLAB are beyond enthused to work alongside Microsoft, a leading organisation in the field of philanthropy and global sustainable development. We look forward to joining other partner organisations across Africa in welcoming new interns to our team in Cameroon.

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