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We pride ourselves on the level of expertise our work attracts in its volunteers from around the world. With their input, we have been able to drive forward our mission of sustainable development from within our own community. ACTLAB was born out of a collaboration between one of our volunteers, Jamie Garcia, and Tobby Vision Computers (TVC).

Jaime, an experienced product designer based in Tokyo, Bogotá, and New York not only brought a vast wealth of knowledge after working with multinational corporations but also a passion for learning. 

His own studies saw him focus on the materialisation of new technologies which paired perfectly with our entrepreneurial work at TVC. As a PhD candidate at the time, Jaime was able to deliver an intense workshop focused on creative thinking applied to innovation and entrepreneurship.Equally so, Jaime spoke of his experience in Cameroon as being mutually beneficial as he was able to absorb and be inspired by the local culture and the richness of its people.

Jaime’s vision for progress in the region comes from his belief that all people no matter of their status or impediments, must look to innovate. With Jaime’s work at ACTLAB we have been able to deliver tools, training, support, and further follow-up and development of local innovators and new entrepreneurial business ideas.

With this framework in place, Jaime sees a bright future for community-led innovation in Cameroon. “I am completely sure all the fellows I have had the chance to meet and exchange ideas with during these days are more than ready to lead the way. Action Lab is the first step of this transformation.”